Nothing: Creating Illusions : week 1

While watching F For Fake, the main question I came across what that, if one can’t identify the differences between the original painting and the forged one, is the forgery still forgery? Or is it equivalent to the authentic so long as its difference from the original remains unknown to public?

I also find it interesting that the art collectors and connoisseurs tend to believe in “facts” that readily align with their presupposition, especially when they are making decisions on their own and no one else is¬†opposing them. For example, de Hory mentioned that a woman walked into his room and assumed that the painting on his wall came from Picasso. Instead of telling her the truth, de Hory followed the woman’s string of thought to make her believe in her own narrative.

The filming technics, such as the montaged footage and the screens played within screens, also echoes with the internal plot of de Hory’s autobiography, reminding us the viewer that whatever we choose to believe in his story comes from¬†subjective lenses.


Data and Digital Mapping: week 1

In this example, I extracted three different maps from the three major places that I lived so far in my life: I grew up in Beijing, China, went to college in Providence, Rhode Island and currently study in New York, New York.